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If you've googled me then you know I'm considered the best facial in Burbank. My clients who come to see me from all over the country would say that Burbank can barely contain me! I love what I do, and great skin and overall wellness is my passion. Book an appointment and see what the Solyn touch can do for you.


My name is Cybil Solyn and I'm a Skin Fitness Expert. My goal is to make you look and feel your best with a blend of cutting edge technology and holistic techniques. Whether you need help treating a skin condition like acne or pigmentation, healing in-grown hair,  waxing, sugaring, or fixing your eyebrows, I'll customize the perfect routine to get you looking and feeling your best.

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A relaxing facial massage

The Solyn Touch

No two people are alike which is why every facial and skincare routine is customized by for YOU and your unique needs. At Solyn Skin Fitness Studio, organic skincare and relaxing massage blend harmoniously with cutting edge ingredients and techniques so that your skin gets the perfect workout for serious results.

Skin Treatments

I'm an esty baby. From Hydrafacials to Acne it can all be found here...

Most Popular Services

Deluxe Hydrafacial $249

When you want to get more than just a basic cleaning from your Hydrafacial you go Deluxe. Boosts, extended extractions, some massage all with that painless deep cleaning you crave.

Craving This

Four Layer Enzyme $175

My favorite treatment for that last minute event. No downtime. No extractions. Just glowing, gorgeous, hydrated and lifted skin.


Signature Hydrafacial $199

3 steps. 30 min. The best skin of your life.

Quick & Simple Please

Namaste Hydrafacial $275

Best Selling Facial. Get results with a large dose of relaxing OM.

Om me

Micro-Channeling Treatment $499

Pitted acne scars? Stretch marks? Cellulite? Deep wrinkles? Want to say bye-bye to all of them? Micro-Channeling is your new bff for smoother looking skin.

For the GLORY!

Microcurrent Facial Treatment $250

Get skin fit with TAMA Microcurrent for a visibly firmer, glowing, tighter, more youthful face. Your collagen, elastin fibres, and lymphatic system will thank you.

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Sugar Wax Brazilian $95-$150

Sugaring may be a sweet way to go bare down there

Sugar Curious

Australian $100-$175

A male brazilian, boyzilian by any other name.

Going Down Under

Full Face Sugaring $75

Face fur sucks. Sugar is sweet. Sugaring will make removing it suck less.

It Gets Better

Brow Shaping Sugaring $45

Amazing brows start with a first visit. If you bring them, I can fix them!

Totally on Fleek

Sound Bath Facial Experience $299

Get transported by this one-of-a-kind facial experience! A sound bath designed to go with the facial of you’re dreams.

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Sugar removing hair from a tattoo

Been There Waxed That

I started removing hair because my skincare clients would come in and ask me to look at the scariest rashes, burns, ingrowns, and all matters of horrors caused by improper hair removal. Seeing this over and over again I thought, "There has to be a better way!" and the rest is history. If you have unwanted hair, I can remove it. And I will do it with as little pain, muss, and fuss as possible while keeping the skin smooth and healthy.

Skin Fitness Blog

Excuse Me, But Do My Pores Look Big In This?

Let me just start by saying that you can’t make your pores get any smaller. Not really. Let me repeat this bigger so you can hear me. YOU CAN’T MAKE YOUR PORES SMALLER You can’t. I’m sorry. Your pores are the size you were pretty much born with. Like shoe size or finger length there […]

Yoga Tune Up Roll Our for Cold Season

Cold season is here. The hot and cold weather changes are creating some nasty sinus issue. Here is my Yoga Tune Up roll out to deal with the icky congestion and neck pain that comes with a cold. Yoga Tune Up Balls are great for relieving sinus pressure and neck pain during cold season.

How To Apply Jane Iredale Pressed Powder

Learning to apply Jane Iredale Pressed Powder is easy once you have the proper tools. I like to use the Flock Sponge since it gives me the most coverage with the best control. Apply with a pressing down, stippling technique. I use a taco shape on the sponge with my two fingers pressed into the […]

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What they’re saying

Cybil educates me about the products she puts on my face and why she has chosen those ingredients for me. Now I have a much better understanding of what I need to have beautiful skin.

Candice K.

Cybil is a skin whisperer. She knows how to make your skin happy again!

Joan W.

My review of the Hydrafacial: My skin is literally glowing. I never knew what that meant until I saw it w/ my own eyes (and you can quote me on that).

Lauren F.

I’m in NYC for work this week. This may seem strange, but I had to tell you that I went into the bathroom during a meeting break and was washing my hands, looking at myself in the mirror, and I was so shocked by how terrific and renewed my skin looked! I just had to tell you and say thank you for helping me improve my skin care. I owe it all to you 🙂

Emily T.

So today at work the mean bitch I work with is talking and standing by me as I’m sitting (she is 5’9). She says to me “have you done something to your hair. I said no because I’m expecting an insult. She says, yes you have, I said no I haven’t. She doesn’t believe me and i ask why. She says it looks darker, thicker and fuller and she can’t see my scalp (she said skin actually). So I admitted that I have been using the Holocuren product and I’m on day eleven. She says it looks different and just fuller. Howard chimes in and says it does look fuller.

I just wanted to share that with you. Mind you she is the same bitch who took a photo of my scalp a few months ago to show me i was losing my hair. But she says it’s all covered up. I comb my hair the same way. THANK YOU!!

Keith S.

Is Solyn Studio Right for You?

Does this all sounds amazing?! Yeah it does! The thing is, Cybil gets really busy. Like, REALLY busy. People literally fly in from all over the country to see her - so it can take a little dedication and time to get on her schedule. If you're serious about your skin she's worth the wait.

A collection of makeup brushes

Makeup Artist

With eight years of experience and 1200+ hours of training I'm confident that I can make you look your absolute best for your big day or special event. My nearly exclusive use of Jane Iredale and Kevyn Aucoin will keep your skin healthy while I do it too!

Makeup Artist

No one is born with a makeup gene, but I can sure help you look like you are.