How To Apply Jane Iredale Pressed Powder

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Learning to apply Jane Iredale Pressed Powder is easy once you have the proper tools. I like to use the Flock Sponge since it gives me the most coverage with the best control. Apply with a pressing down, stippling technique. I use a taco shape on the sponge with my two fingers pressed into the back of the sponge for the best control.

To apply Disappear I like to use the Crease Brush with as little of the product on as possible. Just dab it onto the spot then remove excess. Then you want to feather and blend around the spot blending it out. Try not to mess with the spot itself at this point. So many people apply concealer then mess with the concealer and next thing you know the concealer is everywhere but WHERE you want the concealer to be! So watch out for that.

Once that’s done. Be sure to apply more powder on top and most important set with a Jane Iredale setting mist. The setting mist is MOST IMPORTANT! Without it the powder just falls of your face. So be sure to use it!