First Time

First Time Hair Removal

Whether you've been waxing for years, or are thinking about trying it or sugaring for the first time, Solyn Skin Fitness Studio offers the best waxing and sugaring in Burbank. I offer exacting, clean, professional, and friendly hair removal services that bring clients from all over the country. From starlets to construction workers I remove hair as painlessly as possible so you leave smooth and happy. My full list of hair removal services and prices can be found in services link at the top of the page or by booking online now.


Wax Vs Sugar

Is Sugaring a better fit for you? For people prone to in grown hair, extra sensitive skin, or who want something a bit different, sugaring might be a better option for you. Much like waxing, sugaring removes hair from the hair root, but it does it with a sugar, honey, lemon paste instead of wax.


Before Your First Wax Or Sugaring

For a good first wax the hair needs to be at least a 1/4 to 3/4 inch long. This is about a weeks worth of growth. If you're hair is really long, you may want to trim it down a little to help reduce any pain from the wax tugging on it, but I can wax almost any length of hair so if taking scissors or clippers to yourself is a bit scary, just come on in au natural, you'll be fine.


What To Expect On Your Visit

When you arrive I'll have a brief consult with you so that we can get to know one another. I'll ask about any allergies or previous reactions you may have had from waxing. Once that's done I'll ask if you need the bathroom. If you need to freshen up at all there will be baby wipes for you. I'll then show you to the treatment room. After I step out to go wash my hands, you'll take off any clothes that may be covering the areas you are getting waxed, and lie on the sheet of paper on top of my comfy padded table. I'll come back in, put on gloves as needed, and we'll get started.


 Nooks, Crannies, And Everywhere In between

I specialize in Brazilian/Bikini/Australian hair removal, and eyebrow shaping and repair, but the same exceptional service can be done on all parts of the body including places you've never thought of like ears, nostrils, fingers, and toes.


Male Hair Removal

I see a lot of male clients. A LOT.  If you're a dude thinking about getting hair removed, that's cool. I totally do that. I also have a section made just for you. Keep scrolling!


Some First Time Tips
  • Please be clean.
  • If you're sensitive or have a lower pain tolerance go ahead and take a a pain reliever.
  • Avoid alcohol 10-12 hours before waxing. Too much alcohol can cause your blood to thin and rise to the surface of the skin, which can make you bleed or be more sensitive.
  • Avoid tanning before and after waxing for 48 hours.
  • Avoid ALL Retinol products such as Renova or Retin A a week before appointment.
  • You can NOT be waxed if you've been on Accutane in the past 6 months
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing that you don't mind if they get a little sticky.

Young Adult Hair Removal

Let's face it, young adults have unwanted hair and need help getting rid of it. Sadly, they are often too embarrassed or grossed out to discuss this with anyone - especially a {{{gasp}}} parent! So let's talk about why professional hair removal is the best option, and how as a parent you can help them feel cleaner and more confident.


Teens & Unwanted Hair

Hitting puberty can be a hairy experience. Hormones have hair growing in unwanted places. The most common areas are, eyebrows, nipples, underarms, legs, and pubic area, but regardless of the place, teens want it gone - NOW. Usually they look to shaving first since they can buy a razor themselves or borrow an adult's. For long term grooming, professional hair removal should be considered because razors are hard on the skin, potentially dangerous, and there are just places blades should never go!


The Importance Of Proper Young Adult Hair Removal

How the hair is removed in the teen years makes a big difference to the growth of the hair for the rest of their life. The hair is delicate and during puberty it can be easily trained. This means if a young adult starts removing hair properly they can reduce the amount of hair they will have into adulthood. This is great for areas we never really like hair such as nipples, underarms, inner thighs, noses and legs, but if a teen starts tweezing their brows into the wrong shape... well they may have that bad shape for the rest of their life. And I know what I'm talking about! I specialize in rehabilitating (reshaping) eyebrows. Nine out of ten brow rehabs are someone who permanently damaged their brows through improper shaping or over tweezing as a teen. Every single person regrets the damage they did, and wishes they'd asked for help. If only their parents had talked to them and recommended an expert hair removal specialist like me.


The Danger Of Improper Hair Removal

Besides potentially badly shaped brows for life, improper hair removal is dangerous. At least once a week I get a scared email about infections, burns, in grown hair, and scarring to the skin due to improper at home hair removal. Razors, Nair, scrub brushes, and do-it-yourself waxing can do a lot of damage to anyone's skin, especially young skin, leaving it permanently scarred - YIKES.


Safe, Clean, & Long Lasting

All of this is avoidable when young adults see a professional hair removal expert like me for either sugaring or waxing . I will remove their unwanted hair in a safe and clean environment. I'll teach them proper pre and post care, proper hygiene, and skincare lessons they will use for the rest of their lives. With each visit their hair will get thinner and finer; hopefully leading to less hair in their future and a hairless adulthood. If they have any questions or problems I'm just an email or phone call away. Plus, they'll be valuable leaders among their peers since they'll have answers to the questions their friends are afraid to ask.


Waxing And S-E-X

Parents are often worried that hair removal equals a desire for sex in their child. This just isn't the case. Young adults are just that - young ADULTS. They want hair removal for the same reason you do - to feel better about themselves and to fit into society. Let's face it, our culture requires less hair and the age to start wanting that removed is puberty because that's when it starts growing.

The most common areas teens grow unwanted hair are, eyebrows, nipples, underarms, legs, their bikini area, butt, or inner thighs. All of these are excellent places to have hair removed with either sugaring or waxing, and has nothing to do with sex. Professional hair removal starts young adults on the road to good hygiene, proper skincare, and a respect for their own health and well being. The teen parent who introduces them to the importance of professional care when they are young grow into adults who are better able to appreciate and accept their bodies. They tend to be more confident and comfortable in their skin because when they look their best, they feel their best.


Sugaring, Is It Right For You?

Sugaring is a form of hair removal much like waxing except an all natural, totally edible, paste of sugar, honey, and lemon is used. For people prone to in grown hair, extra sensitive skin, and more delicate skin, like that of a teen, sugaring may be a better choice for hair removal.


Teen Questions & Answers

What's the youngest client you have?

Considering I work in a city filled with entertainers I have quite a few very young clients. That being said most of my really young clients are eyebrow and upper lips clients. A good rule of thumb is if you notice hair ask your son/daughter about it. Does it bother them? Do they have questions? Make it obvious you're open to talking to them. And if you're a teen reading this, talk to your parent! I bet they're cooler than you think. 🙂
I'm a teen and I want to come in, what do I do?

Talk to your parent about seeing me. Anyone under the age of 18 I require a parent or guardian to come with you on your first visit. I can't wait to meet you!


My daughter wants a bikini wax - why?!

Take a deep breath! Now, understand there is a difference between a bikini and a Brazilian. A bikini is something that will allow your teen to wear a bathing suit without being embarrassed about people staring and pointing at her inner thigh, pubic, or butt hair sticking out of her modest one piece bathing suit. Believe it or not I have a lot of male teens who worry about the same thing, so just relax and know that unwanted hair is just that and there usually isn't any additional reason why they want the hair gone. For them it's just about fitting in and acceptance.


Does my parent have to be in the same room?

In general, I prefer a parent to sit outside my door or in the waiting room while I work on a teen. I can leave the door cracked if that will make the teen or parent more comfortable. Some teens want their parent in the room, and in that case I have a comfy chair for them to sit in and magazines on hand.


Professional hair removal is expensive. Isn't there a cheaper way?

We spend $6 on coffee, and $300 on an X-Box so expensive is a relative term. I know it sounds corny, but the cost of making someone feel comfortable with themselves, teaching them the importance of taking care of themselves, and helping them look better for their future is, to my mind, priceless. Home hair removal can be tricky, messy, and dangerous. But in the end, only you can make that decision.


How long does it last?

You should be happy with your hair removal service for 2-3 weeks. A few hairs may start to grow back within the first week here and there, but compare this to shaving, which makes you happy for 2-3 days tops, and you'll be pretty excited. When you have hair removed the first time, there inevitably are hairs that are just under the skin, too short to be picked up by the product. With regular treatment, all of your hair starts to grow at the same time, and when we remove the hair the next time, you will stay smoother for longer. This usually happens within 4-6 months of regular appointments.


Can I shave or tweeze between treatments?

Well you can...but it’s not recommended. Your hair needs 3-4 weeks of growth for a successful wax. As soon as you shave or tweeze, you reset the growth cycle for those hairs. This means you will end up shaving or tweezing those hairs around the same time after you've seen me. So leave those hairs alone, and know that after a few more sessions you won't need to shave or tweeze in between.

First Time Men's Hair Removal

So you're a dude who's thinking of getting rid of some hair. Well you've come to the right place! I offer exacting, clean, professional, and friendly hair removal services that bring clients from all over the country. From starlets to construction workers I remove hair as painlessly as possible so you leave smooth and happy.


Waxing For The Health Of Your Skin

As a licensed esthetician the health of your skin is important to me. It's why I started waxing in the first place. When my female clients started asking about their men I figured skin was skin and since I happily removed hair from my boyfriend it only seemed fair to help other dudes out. Now 60% of my hair removal clients are male. With 1000+ waxes and hundreds of satisfied clients under my belt, I've found that the best way to great hair removal is extensive training, cleanliness, exceptional products, client education, proper post care, and a smile often helps.


Where I Remove Hair On Men

I specialize in Brazilian & Bikini hair removal (which on men I call an Australian because what's more manly sounding than that?), and eyebrow shaping and repair. A bros brows have special needs so they look clean, but not too "done". I call it "the art of imperfection", and I'm a master of it. The same exceptional hair removal services can be done on all parts of the body including places you've never thought of like ears, nostrils, fingers, and toes.


Wax Vs. Sugar

To make matters even more confusing I also "sugar," which is very much like waxing, but instead of using wax I use sugar paste. For people prone to in-grown hair, extra sensitive skin, or if you want to try something different, sugaring might be a better option for you. Find out if Sugaring is right for you.


The BEST Wax Makes For The BEST Wax

Not all waxes are created equal, and a waxer is only as good as what she uses. I like the low temperature Cirepil waxes from Paris, and think they are the best on the market. I use their special Brazilian Blue hard wax for delicate areas, and their soft, non sticky, Sensitive Skin wax for larger areas. By using two different waxes I'm able to give you the fastest, most comfortable waxing experience possible, while keeping your skin healthy and intact.


Before Your First Visit

A good first hair removal session needs hair to be at least a 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch long. Which is about a weeks worth of growth. If your hair is really long, you may want to trim it down to reduce any pain from tugging while the wax or sugar is applied, but I can remove almost any length of hair so if taking scissors or clippers to yourself is a bit scary (I'm scared too!), come on in as is and you'll be fine.


What To Expect On Your Visit

When you arrive I'll have a brief consult with you so that we can get to know one another. I'll ask about allergies, previous reactions to hair removal, what you're doing later in the day, etc. I'll ask if you need the bathroom. If you need to freshen up, I have sanitary wipes on the back of the toilet. Then I'll show you to the treatment room. I'll step out to go wash my hands while you take off any clothes that cover the areas you are getting hair removed from, and you'll lie on the sheet of paper on top of my comfy padded table. I'll come back in, put on gloves, and we'll get started.

First Time Brazilian

You may have a lot of questions and expectations about what a Brazilian is like. You've read every word about the first time Women's Wax, or Men's Wax, or Young Adult (teen) wax. You've seen movies (40 Year Old Virgin mostly), and have heard the stories... but what's it REALLY like?! Well here you are, a step by step, description of what's going to happen.


First Brazilian Step-By-Step.

You've heard over and over again how AMAZING a Brazilian wax is, but's kind of scary. You have to get naked in front of a stranger, it's not painless, and did we mention you have to be naked? Chances are you've combed the internet and picked your friends brains, and your research has landed you here at Solyn Skin Fitness Studio with me, Cybil Solyn, Burbank's premier hair removal specialist. I average forty four Brazilian's a month on men and women alike, and although waxing is only one of the many services I offer, I do a lot of them so you're in excellent hands. I'm clean, sanitary, friendly, use only the best products, and know how to make you look and feel great. I use MIT approved pain management techniques to minimize any discomfort. You'll leave smooth, comfortable, and with a smile on your face.

When you arrive I'll ask you to leave your shoes on the mat by my front door. This helps keep my space clean, and the energy positive. Before we get started we'll chat for a few minutes and I'll ask you some questions about why you're waxing, if you have any allergies, are on any medications, etc. This let's us get to know one another, and gives you chance to ask any questions you still may have.

Next, I'll ask you if you'd like to use my private bathroom where you can freshen up if you feel you need to. Then I'll escort you to my cozy, yet clinically clean, treatment room where you'll see a comfy treatment table covered with fresh and laundered linens, a sanitized rubber mat, and disposable bed paper just like you see in a doctors office. I'll show you where to hang your clothes and put any of your belongings. For your privacy I'll step out of the room to wash my hands while you remove any clothing that covers your Brazilian area and lie on the table face up.

After that I'll knock on the door to make sure you're ready, come back into the room, and chat with you while I put on my vinyl gloves. Then I'll prep the area to be waxed and show you how the special blue hard wax or sugar paste I use works so that you know what's going on.

Then I'll apply a small strip of product to you in what I call the, "getting to know you strip". I'll pull it off, put my hand down quickly to apply pressure to the spot we just removed hair, and you'll sigh a big sigh of relief because:

* It didn't hurt nearly as much as you thought.

           * You now have an awesomely hairless smooth patch of skin.

           * It doesn't hurt at all now, and you didn't even think about screaming, yelling, or hitting your esthetician.

We'll both laugh about how much easier this was than you imagined, and I'll talk to you about your pets, my cats, movies, crazy mothers, your sexy new boyfriend, children, movies...whatever to pass the time. I'm an excellent conversationalist, and have been told I'm quite funny. Before you know it you're front side is bare.

I'll ask you to flip over onto your hands and knees in a Child-Pose like yoga position. This is where we become best friends. Seriously, I know, this can seem embarrassing, but male or female this is the fastest, least painful way to get the hair between the butt cheeks, behind the balls, and at the back of the labia off. Besides, the best part is that the butt doesn't hurt! Cross my heart. Long time clients have been know to say, "Thank God we're at the butt." Because it's the easiest place to remove hair.

While your back gets a much needed stretch, I'll keep chatting and viola! A minute later you're finished. I'll have you turn back over face up, double check to make sure we've gotten all the hair, apply a soothing, hydrating, lotion to the newly waxed skin, then step out of the room while you take a look, and get dressed in private.

That's it! We're all done, and it was all so simple. You'll wonder how you were ever scared, and want to tell the whole world how wonderfully smooth, soft, and clean you feel (please do Yelp, City Search, Yahoo, Testimonials, Facebook). You'll tell all your friends (which will get you 50% off your next service), and leave with your next appointment booked. You'll strut out relaxed and happy knowing that you have everything you need to maintain and care for the newly hairless you.

First Time Facial

Acne, scarring, aging, rosacea, special occasion like a wedding, sun damage, wellness, relaxation...regardless of what brings you in to see me, know that your concerns will be listened to, addressed, and taken care of. People get facials for a lot of different reasons, but all of them leave Solyn Skin Fitness studio looking and feeling their best.


 Cybil Solyn, Skin Fitness Expert

Never heard of skin fitness? Well no wonder since I created it! I love working out with a personal trainer because having someone to answer to keeps me on track and having personalized sessions gets me better results. That's when I realized that what I did for the skin with changing up routines, customizing products, and individualizing every treatment to the client, was just like what my personal trainer did for me. Viola! Skin Fitness was born. The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it makes sense that like any other organ it needs the proper diet and exercise. So forget what you know about facials. Your first facial at Solyn Skin Fitness Studio is unlike anything you've heard about or done before. It will be the best (and easiest) workout of your life.


Your First Visit

When you book your first appointment with me please choose whichever Hydrafacial seems to fit your needs best. I always recommend the Namaste since it gives the perfect amount of skin care love and relaxation time, but any of the Hydrafacials are customized to your needs so will be perfect for you.

Your first visit will include an extensive consult about the history of your skin, health, diet, and what your skin care goals are. I take an overall wellness approach to skin care. The mind/body/spirit connection is a big part of why Solyn Skin Fitness Studio clients get the results they want. If you aren't sure what you're looking for, that's okay. By the time we're done with the consult we'll discover it.


After The Consult

Once the consult is done I'll show you into my treatment room. I'll give you a plush gown (or if you're a dude I'll ask you to take off your shirt), and tell you to disrobe to your comfort level. This means take off what you want. Leave on what you want. But I'd like access to your neck and shoulders so I can apply product or massage them as needed. There is a table, a chair, and a hanger on the back of the door to put your clothes on. I'll tell you that if you run warm to stay on top of the covers because my bed is heated. If you run cool, please get under the covers, because my bed is heated. You'll lie on the bed face up, with your head on the towel at the top of the bed. I'll leave to wash my hands and when you're settled come back in to start the treatment.


Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extract, Exercise, Protect

What happens next all depends on what your skin needs, but since just about all Solyn Studio facials include Hydrafacials you'll get a full Hydrafacial with whatever added skin care and technology your skin and goals require. We always discuss what options are best before I begin since what you're doing the rest of the day, the rest of the week, and our overall skin care goals are all important factors in picking the best treatments for that visit.

Most facials follow a pattern. Cleansing, some sort of exfoliation (fancy word for removing dead skin), extractions (fancy word for picking your pimples), massage, mask, ending products. How I choose to do any of these things depends on the facial, the results we desire, and the time we have. Since all my treatments are 100% customized to meet your specific skin care needs, each and every facial is a little different.


Your Time Is Valuable

The time on my treatment table is yours. If you like to ask questions and talk, we do so. If you prefer to be transported by the music, the heated bed, and my massage, I let you. There will be a little talking during each facial usually as I start the cleansing process just so I can check in with you, and I'll talk with you during the extraction process to keep your mind off any discomfort. I'm a very gentle extractor and with the Hydrafacial extractions are made as comfortable as possible, but even my gentle hands can cause some discomfort if you're sensitive or very broken out. I'm MIT trained to deal with pain, so I can guarantee that my extractions are as painless as they get! Except for those two times though, the facial is your sacred time.

All Solyn Studio facials include a certain amount of "nap time" at the end. This is your time. You can sleep on the bed and catch some extra zzzz's, zen out, meditate, or let me know you'd like to leave and get off the bed. Whatever you choose is the right choice for you.

If, as most do, you've fallen asleep. I'll re-enter the room. I'll then turn on a soft light so you can gently awaken. I'll put my hand on your shoulder and say, "You're all done. I'll see you in the other room, take your time. Leave everything on the bed and just put on your clothes."

You'll come out looking relaxed and refreshed. If you need some additional makeup coverage I'll apply that for you. My #1 rule is that EVERYONE will look good when they have a facial. Even heavily extracted acne leaves looking good after we apply a specially formulated skin care makeup designed for post facial application.


Home Care

Like having your teeth cleaned by the dentist and brushing every day, you still need to take care of your skin with home care. To do this I'll recommend the proper skin care routine to help you achieve the skin care goals we discussed. If you are on a budget we'll work with it. I started my own skin care journey in college so I'm good with wellness budgets, but that being said, I'll make my recommendations based on your needs, and you'll have the final say on what you want. To get the best results home care is as essential as seeing me for regular treatments!