Hair Removal

Sugar, Lemon, Water = Sugaring

Is Sugaring Right For You?

Sugaring is like waxing in the sense that it's a sticky substance that removes hair by the root, but for some sugaring is a better option than waxing. So which is right for you?

What Is Sugaring?

Sugaring has been around since the time of Cleopatra as a way to remove unwanted hair. A room temperature paste made up of all natural sugar, honey, and lemon is rolled against the direction of the hair. As the heat from your body warms the sugar paste, it melts into the pores and leaves a sticky residue. The ball is rolled over the same section again and the sugar the sugar sticks to sugar taking the hair with it from under the skin. When the paste is pulled off the sugar which is a natural exfoliant removes any dead skin cells as it cleans out the the pore and hair follicle. This leaves smooth, clean, exfoliated skin.

Different Than Waxing

I only use the best low temperature waxes which makes waxing clean, easy, and effective. But for some, sugaring is still a better choice. Wax is made of petroleum and can only pick up hair from above the skin. Sugar, is made from all natural honey, sugar, and lemon. It's 100% edible and even more sanitary than the cleanest wax pot (and mine are!) since bacteria can't grow in it so there's never any chance of cross contamination. I love my waxes, but for people with really really sensitive skin, or someone prone to (or already has) in grown hairs I always reach for my sugar first.

Reasons Sugaring ROCKS
  • It's like a skin treatment where hair is removed. The sugar digests dead skin cells and excess hair is removed at the same time while hydrating the skin and lubricating the hair follicle for less in growns.
  • It reduces pigmentation and extracts black heads! The sugar is an enzyme that exfoliates the skin helping to remove dead skin cells and reduce the pigmentation some people get in their armpits, leg and butt region. It also brightens tattoos and removes blackheads when used to that purpose.
  • Not hot. For people really sensitive to heat, sugar is massaged onto the skin at room temperature and heated only by your body.
  • Clean and safe. Sugar paste is always discarded after each client is treated. Bacteria does not breed in high concentrates of sugar eliminating the possibility of cross contamination.
  • Can be used safely on men's testicles, as well as on any other skin types, colors, genders, and ages.
  • Less grow time needed! Once you've been sugaring for a few sessions there isn't a need to let the hair grow, grow, grow. Come in anytime for touch ups. Sugar removes hair at only 1/16" (2mm) long which means you can come in more often and be smooth more.
  • Super safe on teens, tweens, young adults, and any other delicate skin type.
Sugaring Questions & Answers

Why do you call it an LA and not a Brazilian?
Sugaring and waxing are different and so the company who supplies my sugar (Alexandria) calls it an LA, but make no mistake it's the same as a Brazilian!

Does sugaring hurt less than waxing?
It depends. I know many people say sugaring is painless, but I get sugared and it feels the same as waxing to me. BUT I use excellent waxes so maybe that's the difference? Once again pulling hair out by the root is going to smart, but it gets better as you go along. Personally, I like some areas sugared and others waxed. The sugar can tug and pull on hair when it's long, and since you have to go over spots more than once I prefer wax on my butt.

Is it really good for all skin types/ages/races/sexes?
Yes indeed. When in doubt choose sugaring. It's a wonderful service.

Can you sugar someone who uses Accutane, Retin-A or who is undergoing Enzyme, Glycolic or AHA peels?
Because these treatments digest dead skin and allow the cells to separate and shed, it's recommend that clients wait until the initial peeling has passed. Typically, 28 days is a safe time frame, but a patch test is always done to ensure safe elimination after any intense skin treatments before we begin a sugaring regime.

Why is it more expensive than waxing?
Quite frankly sugaring is the hardest thing I ever learned how to do. It took me six months to become a rock star waxer. It took me two years to get equally good at sugaring. Also the products used are very different and have a greater cost. Add that together and it's a more expensive service.

How often should I get sugared?
Well that depends. Like waxing every 3-4 weeks is ideal, with every other week for the face or underarms. But the nice thing about sugaring is that you can come in weekly if you like! Sugar picks up very short hair and is perfect for the person who can't stand in between growing times.

Vegan, vegetarian, organic?
Yes. Yes. Yes. Most of my products are organic, and many are vegan and vegetarian. They are all cruelty free and made in the USA. If this is important to you we'll talk about it during your consult.

Will it reduce hair? How fast will I see results?
Everyone is different, but after just one session most people notice a reduction in hair that just keeps on getting better with time. The real benefit is how soft the hair is when it comes back in. Many clients say they don't even notice their hair for in between sessions after a few treatments!

I'm getting this done for a special occasion, when should I come in?
ASAP! For a first timer a recommend three months in advance, but you should come in at least one full week before the big day.

I already have in-growns. What should I do?
Be sure to take a look at my BLOG article on what to do to prevent and heal in-grown hairs. Sugaring will help heal them up and remove the ones that are under the skin.

Best Brazilian in Burbank

Men. Women. Teens. I remove hair on everyone. If it has hair I can take it off. I use either a sugar paste for sugaring or a hard blue wax that sticks only to hair and not skin. Both of these products leave the skin less irritated and much nicer to touch with little to no irritation or down time.

Confusing Terms Explained
Full Brazilian

Everything gone from the front of the genitals and between the butt cheeks.

Traditional Brazilian

A small strip of hair or "landing strip" on the labias that extends onto the mons a bit. Everything else gone from the genitals and between the butt cheeks.

Traditional Bikini

If it sticks out of your underwear and is on the pubic area then I take it off. This doesn't include inner thigh, belly's, butts, or other body parts.

 Bikini Plus

Little to no hair left on the labia, but hair (usually a triangle) on the mons.


Hearts, stars, lightning, etc. If you have enough hair I can do it.


If you have hair on your thighs this is an add on.

Happy Trails

That trail of hair from your pubis to your belly button.

Men's Brazilian, Boyzilian, Australian

A man who wants to go bare "down there" is a man who knows that comfort and cleanliness comes with a smoother, hairless area. Whether you've been shaving for years and want to try something more permanent like Sugaring or Waxing, or you're a total newbie, you've come to the right place.


I hate the word "boyzilian" and Male Brazilian seems so girly. A man who can step up and have the hair from his groin and butt removed is a man's man. So I like to call it an Australian. What's more manly sounding than that? And trust me, having hair removed is VERY manly!

What Is A Full Australian?

An Australian (aka boyzilian or male brazilian) is hair removal from the mons, the penis shaft, and the butt cheeks. If you choose Sugaring then hair is removed from the scrotum (balls). Men often choose to add the butt cheeks, thighs, or the stomach to the service too for an additional fee. You can also leave hair on the mons for an Australian Plus, or just stick with a bikini and leave the Aussies out of it all together.

Male Hair Removal And Pain

I know women are always calling men babies and wimps, but this just isn't the case. Men have 3x the number of pain receptors in the skin and they are closer to the surface too. So yes, there are varying degrees of tolerance to pain, but overall men feel it more than women. Luckily I'm trained in MIT pain reducing techniques that allow for as pain free of a treatment as possible. Will it hurt? Yeah. Ripping hair out by the root hurts. But it's over in a second and as you continue getting your hair removed it hurts less and less.

Men's Junk

So let's get this out of the way - I've seen a penis. In fact, I've seen lots of them and taken hair off a bunch of them. Sure I don't have one, but hair is hair, and skin is skin, and removing hair from skin is a large part of my job. I usually find men are way more embarrassed about dropping their pants in my studio then I am about having them naked on my treatment table. I'm a professional, and this is what I do. So after the initial fear about what your doing is over, you'll be laughing and talking to me about your pets, your kids, my crazy cats, or the latest movies. I'm an excellent conversationalist and in no time you'll be hair free!

Before Your First Australian

For a good first hair removal the hair needs to be at least a 1/4 to 3/4 inch long. This is about a weeks worth of growth. Even a first time sugar should have this much hair (not more!) for the most comfort. If you're hair is really long, you may want to trim it down a little to help reduce any pain from the wax or sugar tugging on it, but I can take off almost any length of hair so if taking scissors or clippers to yourself is a bit scary, just come on in au natural, you'll be fine!

What To Expect On Your Visit

I require a consult before I take on any new male hair removal clients. When you arrive I'll have a brief consult with you so that we can get to know one another. I'll ask about any allergies or previous reactions you may have had from hair removal. Once that's done, and we both feel comfortable, I'll ask if you need the bathroom. If you need to freshen up at all there will be baby wipes for you. I'll then show you to the treatment room. After I step out to go wash my hands, you'll take off your pants and underwear, and lie on the sheet of paper on top of my comfy padded table. I'll come back in, put on gloves and we'll get started.

Some First Time Tips

Please be clean.

  • If your sensitive or have a lower pain tolerance go ahead and take a a pain reliever.
  • Avoid alcohol 10-12 hours before waxing. Too much alcohol can cause your blood to thin and rise to the surface of the skin, which can make you bleed or be more sensitive.
  • Avoid tanning before and after waxing for 48 hours.
  • Avoid ALL Retinol products such as Renova or Retin A a week before appointment.
  • You can NOT be waxed if you've been on Accutane in the past 6 months
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing that you don't mind if they get a little sticky.

Eyebrow Artist

My clients call me the "Eyebrow Whisperer" because I use an artists eye and the science of facial symmetry to design the best eyebrow to fit your face. The perfect brow can make you look years younger, healthier, sexier, and happier. So whether you need a first time shaping, brow rehabilitation, eyebrow training, or just a clean up, come see the master.

How to Get Fabulous Eyebrows

  • Consultation - Everyone gets one of these! This is where we determine which shape best suits your face, what kind of shape your brows can support, what color your brows should be, and how we are going to get them to the perfectly groomed arches you've always desired.
  • Hair Removal – I'm a pro, so I use one of three safe and sanitary methods to create the perfect arch by removing hair. Sugaring, hard blue waxing, or tweezing. Depending on your skin type, hair type, and sometimes preference, we decide which is best for you.
  • Trimming – This is what separates really good eyebrows from stunning ones. The artistry of trimming really helps a brow take shape, as well as stay in good shape between visits. Asian brows are especially in need of well thought out trimming since the hair often grows straight out or downwards.
  • Training – For those who's eyebrows need rehabilitation this is a must. It's important that you feel good in your eyebrows. Whether you need some arch support while you grow your brows in, or you're unable to grow hair in places you need it anymore, training will teach you how to have the perfect brows everyday.
  • Aftercare – You may go home with the proper products to keep your brows healthy, growing, and looking good. You might also get homework to do to help them grow in better. Sometimes, you'll even get a lesson in what you can remove between sessions and what you need to leave alone.


Add some bling to your butt. Bedazzle your vagina. Circle your belly button with glitter. Using rhinestones jewels and glitter tattoos you can add some sexy and fun sparkle to your body.

Vagazzle, VaJazzle, Bedazzled Vajay Jay

Whatever you call it, you'll be coming back for me. Adding bling to your vagina always gets a reaction. They're sexy, fun, and all the rage since Jennifer Love Hewitt revealed hers.

Glitter Tattoo

Add something fun and flashy with the hottest new body art form with glitter tattoos. From Hollywood celebrities sparkling on the red carpet to teens at the beach, everyone is adding some flare to their bodies with these waterproof works of art. They last up to 14 days and can be removed at any time with 70% isopropyl alcohol, or baby oil.

Nooks and Cranny Hair Removal

Ears, fingers, toes, noses, butt holes. Hair grows in places that no one needs to know about but you, me, and my treatment room. If you have unwanted hair somewhere - I bet I can take it off and no one will be the wiser. It's like Vegas in here baby.

The Weird And Hairy

Everyone has hair in places they aren't proud of. That's right - EVERYONE. Nipples, butt cheeks, ears, nostrils, etc. Hair, is hair, is hair and unless it's on top of your head or in a beard I can take it off. So book now and bring me your "weird" hair. Once it's removed it will be our little secret that no one else has to know about! Don't see it on my menu? Go ahead and book for a half leg and add a note in the comments field for what you want taken off instead. Hair today...gone tomorrow. *wink*

Brazilian & Body Facials

Skin is skin, and the more we bare the more we think about what it looks like. So go ahead and take care of all of it with a relaxing Brazilian or Body Facial. Just like a facial, I use customized products to exfoliate, hydrate, and heal all parts of the body including the pubic area. With client permission, I also preform any extractions needed, and then apply a specialized organic mask and the proper serums to help concerns like irritation, acne, and in grown hairs.

Hair Removal FAQ

Will it hurt?
Seriously, this question always makes me laugh because we've all pulled hair out before so we all know it's going to smart a bit, but I've studied MIT created pain management techniques that really do make hair removal as painless as ripping hair out by the root can be. Also, the more often you have the hair removed, the less painful it is so the second time hurts less than the first, and the third, etc. Think about it for a second. If you had a tree growing deep roots into the ground for 10+ years it would be hard to rip that tree out of the ground. But if you removed that tree every 3-4 weeks the roots wouldn't be able to get as strong - right? Well that's what we're doing with hair removal. We're removing hair from the root and (hopefully) causing less hair to grow in the future.

(Men) What if I get an erection?
You won't. It just doesn't happen. If you do get a little hard, which can happen, we'll both just ignore it since you can't really control such a thing. But a full erection? Doesn't happen!

(Men) Do you do balls?
I'll generally only sugar the scrotum. I saw some dudes balls get split open once during a waxing presentation and I've been scarred for life. Occasionally I'll use wax on the sides of the balls and a little down the center if your skin is too delicate for the sugar, but for everyone's safety I stick to sugaring the scrotum only.

When I get my butt done do I have to be on my hands and knees?
Yes. The best angle to get between the butt cheeks on both men and women is to get you on your hands and knees. I like to think of it as your yoga for the day. 🙂

(Women) I'm on my period can I come in?
Yes! Just be sure to put in a new tampon or change out your menstrual cup before you see me and you'll be fine. You may be a little more sensitive so be sure to take that pain reliever.

How is professional hair removal different than shaving or Nair?
Waxing or Sugaring removes hair from the root. Shaving or Nair cuts or burns the hair off at the top of the skin which often leaves the shadow of the hair under the skin, and has the hair growing back in a few days feeling thicker and coarser. Shaving can also results in ingrown hairs, bumps and ongoing skin irritation. Waxing removes hair from under the skin, by the root. The hair grows back slower, softer and without stubble. When appropriate post treatment home care is followed, professional hair removal leaves virtually no ingrown hairs, bumps or ongoing skin irritation. Waxing or Sugaring will, over time, make hair growth finer, and if you're lucky you'll get less of it.

Will my hair grow in thicker or thinner?
Thinner! the longer you wax or sugar the lighter and thinner your hair will grow. And if you keep your hair removal on cycle (every 3-4 weeks), then you'll start permanently damaging the follicle which often stops the hair from growing forever.

Do numbing creams help?
Sadly I haven't found one yet that penetrates deep enough into the skin without causing extra sensitivity to the skin post treatment, but if you think you have one feel free to use it. I'm always testing new ones...

How long does it last?
You should be happy with your wax or sugar for 2-3 weeks. A few hairs may start to grow back within the first week here and there, but compare this to shaving, which makes you happy for 2-3 days tops, and you'll be pretty excited. When you come in the first time, there inevitably are hairs that are just under the skin, too short to be picked up. With regular treatment, all of your hair starts to grow at the same time, and when we remove the hair, you will stay smoother for longer. This usually happens within 4-6 months of regular appointments.

Can I shave or tweeze between waxes?
Well you can...but it’s not recommended. Your hair needs 3-4 weeks of growth for a successful professional hair removal. As soon as you shave or tweeze, you reset the growth cycle for those hairs. This means you will end up shaving or tweezing those hairs around the same time after you've seen me. So leave those hairs alone, and know that after a few more treatment sessions you won't need to shave or tweeze in between.

How long should I wait between treatments?
3-4 week to get the perfect treatment. Eye brows and underarms are often done every 2 weeks for convenience, but 3-4 weeks is fine. If you're sugaring then you can come in weekly for touch ups if you can't have hair on you ever.

What is a "perfect treatment"?
The hair grows in 3 cycles. It's why you've never been bald. To get a "perfect" treatment we want to reset all the hairs to be on the same growth cycle so that for 3 weeks out of the month you are bald. To reset the cycles it takes 4-5 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart. So keep those service appointments on schedule!

I'm prone to in grown hairs and razor bumps. Will this help?
Yes. With proper post care those should go away.

How flexible do I need to be to get sugared or waxed?
I remove hair on all shapes, ages, sexes, and sizes. I even work on pregnant women. As long as you're comfortable with moving around a bit, professional hair removal is great for anyone.

I'm getting this done for a special occasion, when should I come in?
Be sure to come in 3-4 weeks before the event, and then come in a second time 3-4 days before the big day. This keeps the area healthy, and will give you a much nicer experience. If you REALLY can only come in one time, then come in at least 5 days early just to be on the safe side.