Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

We all want to look good without makeup and I can totally help someone do that with the proper skincare. But what about when we need to look extra great? Or when we need a little help looking our best after a hard day? I Makeup is a tool like any other that I use. Since I use only good for the skin makeup that are an extension of your skincare, you can feel secure that not only is your makeup going to make you look as perfect as possible, but also that it's (in many cases) protecting and healing your skin. 

Color Matching

Did you know there is a science to color and how it makes things appear? Want your brown eyes to look more gold? A red spot to disappear? Well that's what color theory is all about. With a color matching session we'll discover what season you are, match you to the perfect Jane Iredale base (aka foundation) and concealers, and create a list of colors that highlight your best features.


The Perfect Look For You

During your one hour session you'll learn what colors look best on you, how to make your eyes pop, and learn to apply the perfect concealer and foundation for your skin type while you help your skin heal and stay healthy with Jane Iredale's skincare makeup. And once you've got that covered, you can book for a one-on-one makeup lesson or take one of my makeup classes to improve your own makeup artistry.

Bridal & Special Event Makeup

There are some events in life where a picture lasts forever as a memory of your special day or event. This is the time to call in a professional to make sure you look stunning on your big day. Makeup for photos is a science that takes into account the time of day, lighting, weather, location, and...well so much more! A trained makeup artist like myself will make sure you look stunning in person and in your once in a lifetime photos.


Makeup Like A Pro

With ten years of experience and 1200+ hours of training you've probably seen some of the makeup I've done at a wedding, on the red carpet, a prom, or another special event without even knowing it was me.  I'm confident that I can make you look your absolute best for your big day or special event while keeping your skin healthy with my nearly exclusive use of Jane Iredale The skincare Makeup.


Brides On Your BIG Day

Bridal makeup is all about looking flawless in photos while looking as natural as possible to everyone standing next to you in person. It also needs to hold up to tears, kisses, hugs, and whatever else may be thrown your way on the big day. Book a consult and we'll find the perfect look and event package for you.


Let's get started! Make an appointment and we'll get this party started. Still have questions? Contact me.

Makeup Lesson

I offer one-on-one, one hour, makeup lessons that are designed to teach you just what you want to learn. Smokey eye, the perfect lip, how to get those pesky fake lashes on. You name it and I can probably teach it to you while imparting some tricks of the trade too.


Makeup Like A Pro

No one's born with a makeup gene, which is why I'm here to help! With one-on-one sessions you'll learn to apply your makeup like a professional makeup artist.

Makeup Class

I'm a trained makeup artist and I love sharing what I know with others. A few times a year I have a three hour makeup class to teach you how to create the latest, trendiest, looks. You can also put a class together for yourself. (Min 3 people, Max 8) and I'll tailor it to your specific needs. Join the newsletter and follow me on Facebook to be the first to know about these coveted classes.


Private Groups

Whether you want to learn to create the latest runway trends, or learn to create the perfect "wing" liner a makeup class is always a fun and educational experience. I love hosting a private group of friends for a themed class. Bridal showers, drama clubs, and any other group of 3-8 people can schedule a group lesson and improve their skills with me, a trained makeup artist with 1200+ hours of training and 10 years of experience.


Specialty Classes

A few times a year I put together a special class to go over the latest trends, the newest makeup items, and teach my clients how to utilize those for their own stylish looks. It's four hours of fun! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter and join my Facebook page because these classes fill up fast!