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Deluxe Hydrafacial $249

When you want to get more than just a basic cleaning from your Hydrafacial you go Deluxe. Boosts, extended extractions, some massage all with that painless deep cleaning you crave.

Craving This

Four Layer Enzyme $175

My favorite treatment for that last minute event. No downtime. No extractions. Just glowing, gorgeous, hydrated and lifted skin.


Signature Hydrafacial $199

3 steps. 30 min. The best skin of your life.

Quick & Simple Please

Namaste Hydrafacial $275

Best Selling Facial. Get results with a large dose of relaxing OM.

Om me

Micro-Channeling Treatment $499

Pitted acne scars? Stretch marks? Cellulite? Deep wrinkles? Want to say bye-bye to all of them? Micro-Channeling is your new bff for smoother looking skin.

For the GLORY!

Microcurrent Facial Treatment $250

Get skin fit with TAMA Microcurrent for a visibly firmer, glowing, tighter, more youthful face. Your collagen, elastin fibres, and lymphatic system will thank you.

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Sugar Wax Brazilian $95-$150

Sugaring may be a sweet way to go bare down there

Sugar Curious

Australian $100-$175

A male brazilian, boyzilian by any other name.

Going Down Under

Full Face Sugaring $75

Face fur sucks. Sugar is sweet. Sugaring will make removing it suck less.

It Gets Better

Brow Shaping Sugaring $45

Amazing brows start with a first visit. If you bring them, I can fix them!

Totally on Fleek

Sound Bath Facial Experience $299

Get transported by this one-of-a-kind facial experience! A sound bath designed to go with the facial of you’re dreams.

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