The Solyn Touch

No two people are alike which is why every facial and skincare routine is customized by for YOU and your unique needs. At Solyn Skin Fitness Studio, organic skincare and relaxing massage blend harmoniously with cutting edge ingredients and techniques so that your skin gets the perfect workout for serious results.


Making You Gorgeous With No Down Time

My skincare philosophy is that gentle, yet steadily more intense, treatments get the best long term results. You should look AMAZING after every treatment and that's what I aim for. I'm still hard core, using a blend of cutting edge technology and products, but instead of burning and abrading the skin, I feed it the proper nutrition and nurture its repair with organic product and ancient healing techniques. Together they create beautiful skin that will have people asking you how you look so good.


The Products

The skincare products I use are often changing because technology is always advancing. I use what I think are the best products on the market. I like to keep the products as natural and organic as possible while still staying on the cutting edge of science. There's a lot of hype in skincare, but with a background in science I see past all that to get real results. I know how my products work down to the molecule, and that's why my clients trust and love the products I recommend. Right now you'll find these products on the Solyn Studio shelves.

Acne & Scar Repair

Regardless of your age or skin type, acne can be painful both emotionally and physically. It can make you feel ugly, shy, and studies have proven that it can lead to depression. Once the acne is gone you often still have pink, brown, or purple spots, pitting, red marks, and enlarged pores. Having suffered all of these myself, before I became an esthetician, I know just how to wage a war on acne and the scarring it creates.


What Is Acne?

Acne is often misunderstood and mistreated causing more damage than repair. Seeking professional help like mine can help stop acne in its tracks. Acne is a shorthand name for the bacteria named P. acnes. This bacteria thrives in an oxygen-less space liked clogged pores and feeds on excess oil as well as the excrement (poop!) of other P. acnes. When it starts to run rampant it creates damage far into the dermis causing scarring, pus, swelling, redness, and pain. Blackheads, colorless bumps, and white bumps are not acne because the P. acnes bacteria is not present. Those are all other skin conditions that usually result from improper or poor skincare. Regardless of what you call it though, I'm a pro at clearing your skin up, making it smooth, even toned, and glowing. So bring me your acne, blackheads, congestion, clogged pores, red bumps, etc. I'll take care of them the right way!


Waging A War On Acne

Acne may not be a "disease" to the medical community, but I look at it that way. Like diabetes, acne can be controlled, but we don't really have a cure for it. What we can do is try and discover the underlying reason you are getting acne, clear it up, and control it. I tell my acne clients that we are waging a war on a living organism that thinks, so we have to be cunning about how we plan our attack. No two people are alike, so every battle strategy is unique to YOUR skin and YOUR acne. This is why I'm so successful at clearing up acne and other acne like skin conditions for my clients.


The Aftermath Of Battle

I tell every single new acne client that I know we're winning the acne war when they ask me about the scarring left behind and stop caring as much about the "acne". Luckily all my product lines are formulated to heal scarring and leave the skin looking more youthful, smooth, and even colored. Whether you have old scars or new ones, with the right treatments protocols we'll have them healing up and looking better. It takes time, but when you're done you'll look younger, healthier, and more radiant.

Staying Youthful

Aging is a major concern for everyone. Whether you are 21 or 75, keeping your skin youthful and healthy is vital to looking and feeling great. At Solyn Skin Fitness Studio I combine ancient, organic and holistic techniques with cutting edge ingredients and technology to get the best results with little to no discomfort or down time. Everyone should look good after a facial - even a super charged effective one.


Aging Happens To Everyone

The average skin starts the aging process at 24 years old and starts losing the battle against time at around 30. It's never too early to start taking care of the largest organ of the body - your skin. I see a wide variety of clients. From teens who are just learning the importance of skincare and men who need help keeping their pores clean, their forehead lines under control, and their skin less irritated, to women in their 50's who are still battling acne. I've seen it all. Color, skin type, skin condition, age, they all share a need for the aging process to be slowed down, and when possible, reversed.


Getting Results With Zero Downtime

There are lots of different philosophies on how to manage aging, and a lot of them revolve around abrading, burning, and wounding the skin's surface. At Solyn Skin Fitness Studio you'll find that my more gentle and holistic method of feeding the skin the proper nutrients and exercising it with the right facial techniques get stunning results without the harsh damage associated with "result" based treatments. By merging new technology and ingredient advances with ancient techniques and herbs you'll love they way you look and feel.

Lightening Pigmentation

Pigmentation repair is one of the hardest fixes in skincare because it comes back so easily, but with time, the correct protocols, and dedication you can get results that last.

Sun Spots, Mask Of Pregnancy, Acne Scarring

Pigmentation comes from a variety of sources, and each needs to be treated in a different way for long term results. Pigmentation is one of the hardest skin conditions to heal, but with time and dedication, the results will last.

Wedding Packages

A beautiful bride glows with happiness from the inside and has flawless skin to match. Makeup can enhance and conceal, but the natural perfection of your own skin is hard to fake. This is why I created bridal facial packages. Regardless of how much time you have, one of these packages will have you looking your best when you say "I do."


Bridal Skin Fitness

Flowers, check. Dress, check. Photographer, check. Skin...? As a bride to be you're planning for everything, but are you taking time to think about your skin? While everything else falls into place, it’s time for you to take care of yourself so when you walk down the aisle and take your wedding photos you look and feel your best for all time. This is why Solyn Skin Fitness Studio, customizes your bridal prep package to your unique skincare needs.


The Groom's Big Day Too

And let's not forget the groom! More and more of my male clients are coming in to have their skin prepped for their wedding. Let's face it, men need to look good in their photos too, and they are just as concerned with a clear, clean, and vibrant complexion. A grooms needs are nearly the same as a brides, so any of my packages will suit a groom too.



Whether you're a year away from your wedding or a month away, together we'll create the perfect skincare package for you. All packages include:

  • A skincare consult so we can assess your needs.
  • A complete skincare calendar and scheduling up to the big day.
  • A skincare analysis and home care routine.


Come In NOW

Your skin condition and concerns depends on how far out you should start prepping for your wedding. Most of my brides become lifetime clients and often wish they started seeing me earlier. The more time we have to start your skin on its new routine, the healthier and more beautiful it will be. So whether you have one year, six months, or just a few weeks we'll create the perfect package for your skin and it's unique needs - but the sooner you come in the better!



A consult with me is $50 which you may then use towards any services or products. Since your wedding package is custom to you, the price of each package will differ. Package discounts are always available, and all of that will be discussed during the consult. I know weddings are often a stressful and expensive time, but please remember that when the food has all been eaten, and the gown is put away, that you'll have pictures of your healthy, glowing skin to remember forever - and healthier skin that you wear everyday of your life.