The Best Facial in Burbank

It's hard to be modest when you've been proclaimed the best facial in Burbank, but trust me I'm blushing. Still, I'm proud of what I do. skincare is my passion, and I'm happiest when the people I treat go about their day looking and feeling their best. I specialize in male and female Brazilian hair removal, acne, and eye brow shaping & repair, but I also provide makeup lessons & application (brides, prom, red carpet, special events), and total body skincare. Using organic, holistic, and natural products combined with cutting edge ingredients backed by science, you'll get serious results with little to no down time in a relaxing environment. One-on-one personal care with custom blended product and a specialized regiment makes Solyn Skin Fitness Studio the best place for all your wellness needs.

What is Skin Fitness

Skin Fitness is personal training for the skin. We all know that to maintain optimal health we must eat right and exercise regularly. Skin Fitness is exactly the same thing. With regular exercise, proper nutrition, and a focused skincare routine your skin will be healthy both inside and out.


Why Skin Fitness?

The skin is vital to feeling good and staying healthy.

  • It is the largest organ of the human body.
  • It is your first defense against disease.
  • It provides you with your sense of touch
  • It regulates your bodies temperature
  • It performs metabolic & respiratory functions.
  • It is the first thing people see when they look at you.

To maintain healthy skin you have to keep it in shape, and the best way to do that is by seeking the help of a professional who can plan your skins workouts, exercise it on a regular basis, guide its nutrition, and push it to get the results you desire. So book an appointment now and let's create the perfect workout for you!

Products Used

Your skincare is only as good as the products you use. I often say, I detail the car, but you keep it clean between treatments. My product lines change as ingredient advancements are made, but right now this is what you'll find on my shelves.


Spell Skincare

A small line based out of Vancouver Canada this curated skincare line has powerful, botanical based ingredients that are designed to work on all skin types. Always on the cutting edge of skincare ingredients this is one of my primary lines. Highly effective yet gentle. Spell Skincare is a line that anyone can use and get excellent results with.



Created by a formulator from Australia who was tired of skincare lines that didn't work on her daughter's highly sensitive yet acne prone PCOS skin as well as her own pre-rosacea and acne issues. I've been in this industry for a VERY long time and have never seen anything like Rococco. It works on the hardest cases, most unusual skin types, and does it more quickly than I've ever seen. It's gentle, botanical, and effective. It's my go to product for hard to fix cases because the formulator uses ingredients no one else uses.


Jane Iredale

Known as "The skincare Makeup" by Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists, Iredale cosmetics are created from a blend of all natural, pulverized minerals which are so gentle, safe, and beneficial to the skin that Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Skin Experts recommend it as part of your daily skincare routine. This makeup doesn't just make you look better by covering up imperfections—it fixes the imperfections while you wear it.



Have you ever noticed that the skin in your mouth is wrinkle and scar free? Ever wondered why when you burn the roof of your mouth, or bite your tongue it heals quickly leaving no scar behind? Epicuren's metabolically active enzymes are designed to replicate the enzymes found in the saliva of your mouth. These patented enzyme proteins are the backbone to Epicuren's ability to speed up the cellular activity of dermal cells so that the dermis becomes self-rejuvenating making Epicuren one of the leading age-reversing products on the market today.



Every skin is different, and Bioelements knows that a product that works for one person can't possibly work perfectly for thousands. Their products are designed to be as individualized as your face itself. Each Bioelements product is custom-blended with the best ingredients for you and your alone. Not your friend, not your neighbor - just you. 

The Well Educated Esthetician

Advances in skincare ingredients and techniques are always being made which is why I spend about 30 hours a year in workshops, conferences, classes, and seminars.
Alexandria Professional Sugaring!
Training Location Date
Full Circle WA 2013
New Techniques LA 2013
New Advanced Techniques LA Mar 2012
Focus on Brows LA Jan 2010
Brazilian, Bikini, Male Grooming LA Sep 2009
Advanced Sugaring Long Beach Oct 2009
Beginning Sugaring LA Feb 2009
Training Location Date
Vitalization Treatments LA Apr 2009
All About SPF LA Jan 2008
Flaxx C Firming Facial Chicago Feb 2006
Advanced Body Treatments Chicago Feb 2006
Understanding and Treating Rosacea LA Mar 2005
Powerful Surface Peeling LA Dec 2003
Clinical Skin Treatments LA Dec 2003
Anti-Aging skincare Treatments LA Dec 2003
Treating Acne LA Jan 2004
Trissage Triple Action Facial Massage LA Jan 2004
Incredible Eye Designs LA Feb 2004
Creating Incredibly Original Products LA Jan 2004
World of Bioelements Spa LA Jan 2004
World of Bioelements Makeup LA Nov 2003
World of Professional Skin Treatments LA Feb 2004
World of skincare LA Feb 2004
Facial Spa Workshop LA Oct 2003
Manual Microdermabrasion LA Aug 2004
Vitamineral Power Facial LA Sep 2004
Oxygenation Fresh Air Facial LA Nov 2003
Dynamic Specialty Masks LA Oct 2003
Corrective Facial Workshop LA Nov 2003
Overnight Skin Rejuvenation LA Apr 2004
Trissage Body Smoothing Wrap and Firmology LA Feb 2004
LightPlex Pigment Balancing Treatment LA Apr 2005
Spa Dry Room Body Treatments LA Apr 2005
Salon and Spa Techniques LA May 2005
Complexion Color LA Sep 2005
All About Complexion Color LA Sep 2005
Microtreatment Workshop LA Nov 2005
Stress Solutions Spa Facial LA Nov 2005
Spa Wet Room Treatments Chicago, IL May 2006
Post-op Facial Care LA Sep 2005
Sebum Control Massage LA Apr 2006
Conservatory Of Esthetics
Training Location Date
Manual Lymphatic Drainage For the Face and Neck LA Nov 2003
Advanced Skin Assessment LA Feb 2004
Skin Treatments for Men LA Nov 2004
50 Hour Certificate with the Conservatory of Esthetics LA Dec 2003
100 Hour Certificate with the Conservatory of Esthetics LA Feb 2004
Acupressure and Oriental Diagnosis of the Face LA Apr 2005
Creating Displays Like a Pro LA Feb 2004
Retail Sales LA Feb 2004
Creating Displays Like a Pro LA Feb 2004
Opening a Day Spa LA Feb 2004
Successful Spa Operations LA May 2005
Training Location Date
The Safest Peels LA Aug 2006
Medical Esthetic Training Monterey Jan 2007
Advance Peel Boot Camp LA Mar 2006
Peeling Weekend LA Feb 2006
Epidermal Leveling LA Dec 2006
All About Cosmedix LA Jun 2006
Dr. Julia Hunter on Supplements and Bio-Identical Hormones Las Vegas Jun 2006
Product Knowledge Down to the Molecule San Francisco Nov 2006
Donna Mee's Empire Academy Of Makeup
Training Location Date
Refresher Mastering Class Updates LA Costa Mesa 2013
Contour Highlight Workshop Long Beach Feb 2011
Bridal Makeup Workshop Costa Mesa Oct 2010
Introduction to Makeup Artistry Costa Mesa May 2011
Expert Makeup Artistry Costa Mesa Jan 2012
Focus on Brows LA Jan 2010
Training Location Date
Experience the Power of Hungarian Massage and Stimulating Actives San Jose 2015
Discover Immediate Anti-aging Results With Organic Active Ingredients San Jose 2015
It's All About the Face Las Vegas 2014
Secret Massage Techniques to Release Stress Las Vegas 2014
New Anti-Aging Ingredients Las Vegas 2013
Secret Massage Techniques for Younger Skin Las Vegas 2013
Holistic Acne Remedies Las Vegas 2013
Skincare Training Long Beach Sep 2004
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice Las Vegas May 2005
Specialty Facial Massage Techniques Las Vegas Jun 2006
Training Location Date
Aromatherpay in skincare Laguna Nigel Mar 2010
Product Knowledge LA Aug 2004
Glycolic Facial Mission Viejo Nov 2004
Enzyme Facial Mission Viejo Nov 2004
Body Treatments and Microtreatments Mission Viejo Feb 2005
Specialty Spa Facials Mission Viejo Feb 2005
Advanced Enzyme Facial Workshop Mission Viejo Apr 2005
Intensive Propolis Workshop LA Nov 2005
Crystalline Facial Workshop LA Feb 2005
Probiotic Acne Facial Dana Point Aug 2005
Pre-op/Post-op Facial Workshop LA May 2005
Advanced Product Knowledge Dana Point Aug 2005
Eva's Esthetic
Training Location Date
Brazilian Waxing Oakland Aug 2004
Speed Waxing for Face and Body Oakland Nov 2004
Nooks, Cranies, and Cracks: The Art of Waxing Everything Else Las Vegas Jun 2004
The Whole Ball of Wax Las Vegas Jun 2005
Waxing Like a Pro Long Beach Sep 2004
Contract With Your Client Oakland Jun 2005
International Dermal Institute
Training Location Date
European Facial Massage LA Dec 2003
Aromatherapy Treatments LA Dec 2003
Remedies for Sensitized Skin LA Dec 2003
Professional Skin Exfoliation Techniques LA Mar 2004
Solar Bronzing LA Mar 2004
Professional Acne Management LA Mar 2004
Body Services in a skincare Center LA July 2004
Jane Iredale
Training Location Date
Master Class Level III LA Dec 2011
Advanced Camouflage Santa Barbara Jun 2009
Bridal Makeup Bootcamp LA Apr 2007
Master Class Level II LA Nov 2005
Master Class Advanced Level II LA Apr 2005
Master Class Level 1 LA Nov 2004
Master Class Advanced Level 1 LA Apr 2004
Master Class Level II LA Nov 2005
Master Class Advanced Level II LA Apr 2005
Master Class Level III LA Mar 2006
Training Location Date
Advances in skincare Technology Las Vegas Jun 2006
The Water Principal Las Vegas Jun 2006
Osmosis Skincare
Training Location Date
DNA Repair LA Feb 2012
Advanced Facial Massage LA Jan 2011
Organic Medi-Facial Las Vegas Jun 2009
Skin Infusion Treatments Long Beach Mar 2009
Advanced in skincare LA Feb 2008
Training Location Date
Actives That Work Differently LA 2015
Training Location Date
Lotions and Potions—Deciphering Formulation and Chemistry San Jose 2015
The Anatomy of a Sunscreen San Jose 2015
Cadaver Class LA 2014
Jaw Massage WA 2014
UCLA Extension Cosmetic Chemistry for Skincare Part 2 LA 2013
UCLA Extension Cosmetic Chemistry for Skincare Part 1 LA 2013
The Service in Your Disservice Las Vegas July 2012
New Ingredients Symposium Las Vegas July 2012
UCLA Extension: skincare Ingredients II LA Nov 2011
UCLA Extension: Biochemistry in skincare San Francisco Jun 2010
Color Stories New York July 2009
Rebecca Gadbury: The Epigenome San Francisco Nov 2009
New Technology: Lasers, Radio Waves, Sonics, etc San Francisco Nov 2006
Japanese Stone Facial Las Vegas Jun 2005
Japanese Face-Lift Facial Massage Las Vegas Jun 2005
Gem Stone Therapy & Massage Las Vegas Jun 2006
Indian Head Massage San Francisco Nov 2005
Product Bioengineering San Francisco Nov 2005
Product Delivery Systems San Francisco Nov 2005
Emergency Care in The Esthetic Office San Francisco Nov 2006
Medical Esthetic Protocols San Francisco Nov 2006
New Technology: Lasers, Radio Waves, Sonics, etc San Francisco Nov 2006
Japanese Stone Facial Las Vegas Jun 2005
Japanese Face-Lift Facial Massage Las Vegas Jun 2005
Gem Stone Therapy & Massage Las Vegas Jun 2006
Indian Head Massage San Francisco Nov 2005
Product Bioengineering San Francisco Nov 2005
Product Delivery Systems San Francisco Nov 2005
Emergency Medical Care for a Medi-Spa San Francisco Nov 2005
Light Therapy: Truth Behind the Science Las Vegas Jun 2005
Lasers: All there is to know Irvine May 2006
Acid and Peel Technology Las Vegas Jun 2004
Medical Esthetic Seminar San Francisco Nov 2005
Human Anatomy: How it All Connects Together Long Beach Sep 2004
Reading Product Labels and Knowing What They Mean San Francisco Nov 2005
SPELL Skincare
Training Location Date
Ingredient Basics LV 2014
Cutting Edge Skincare Naturally Canada 2014
Yoga Tune Up / The Roll Model
Training Location Date
YTU Therapy Ball Trainer LA 2015